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Give us your “Castoffs”

The Town of James Island is accepting fabric materials to be converted into “Castoff Quilts”.

What is a “castoff?
  • Damaged fabric Flannel shirts with a worn collar

  • A tablecloth with a stubborn stain that won’t wash out
  • That old kitchen towel calendar from years long gone
  • Pants with a long tear in the legs
  • Clothing stained with water-based paint
  • Cloths too good to throw away or make into a rag; but not good enough to donate
  • Items must be washed and dried
  • No undergarments


Quilts will be made with your “castoffs” and recycled items and given to those in need of a boost with a wish that their life will “CAST OFF” in a better direction.



Posted by Frances Tuesday, June 9, 2015 12:14:00 PM

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