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RESOLUTION # 2017-08



Whereas; James Island has been subject to severe development pressure, adversely impacting the safety, health and welfare of all James Islanders, including the residents of the Town; and

Whereas; the zoning regulations in several of the government jurisdictions on James Island allow for high density residential development in nonresidential zones; and

Whereas; the Town of James Island’s zoning ordinance limits residential density in commercial zones to four units per acre;

Whereas, the James Island Town Council seeks to cooperate with the other government jurisdictions on James Island on planning and zoning matters;

Therefore, the James Island Town Council:

  1. Supports the City of Charleston’s 180 day moratorium on the issue of new zoning permits for more than four units or 1500 square feet in nonresidential zones on James Island;
  2. Calls for Charleston County and the City of Folly Beach to adopt a similar moratorium in their areas of jurisdiction on James Island;
  3. Proposes that Charleston County, the City of Charleston, the Town of James Island and the City of Folly Beach create a joint James Island Planning Committee with the goal of developing a James Island overlay to be recommended to the Planning Commissions of the four jurisdictions.
  4. Further proposes that the joint James Island Planning Committee develop a comprehensive plan for James Island to be recommended to the Planning Commissions of the four jurisdictions with the goal of incorporating the plan into the comprehensive planning processes of the four jurisdictions. The comprehensive plan will include consideration of the following:
    1. Affordable Housing
    2. Urban Growth Boundary
    3. Joint Design Review Board
    4. Drainage Improvements
    5. Folly Road Overlay
  5. Asks that the four local government jurisdictions have representatives from their planning department work together to recommend a specific structure for the proposed committee to be approved by those four governing bodies.
  6. Instructs the Town’s Planning Director to determine what if any moratorium is appropriate given the Town’s Zoning Ordinance.

Adopted this 18th day of May, 2017



Posted by Bill Friday, May 19, 2017 10:51:00 PM

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