ReThink Folly Road Program Manager

  1. RFP 3-2018
  2. Reference Document: ReThink Folly Road: A Complete Streets Study

Addendum #1 RFP #3-2018 – Program Manager for ReThink Folly Rd: A Complete Streets Study

Questions Received and Responses:

  1. In Section IV – Scope of Work, General Concepts for the ReThink Folly Road RFR Program Manager bullet number 3 mentions “Membership Development” and “Fundraising.” Could you provide more detail on what will be required for this portion of work?


Membership Development: The Consultant should be able to market to Folly Road Stakeholders, i.e. local businesses, to recruit and retain their membership and engagement in some sort of committee or association for the betterment of Folly Road. This group would help provide feedback and insight to the ReThink Folly Rd Steering Committee as well as independently organize events and/or initiatives associated with making Folly Rd. a more desirable place for residents and visitors to dine and shop, as well as more attractive for redevelopment opportunities.

Fundraising: The Consultant would be charged with seeking out fundraising opportunities, whether it be through grants or public / private partnerships. Fundraising efforts would be concentrated on efforts to implement portions of the ReThink Folly Rd. plan. 






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