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October 22, JIPSD Candidate Forum Wed. Oct. 29
JIPSD Candidate Forum

The JIPSD Candidate Forum will be held at James Island Charter HIgh School on Wednesday October 29 at 7:00.   There are eleven candidates competing for 4 seats.

October 20, Island Sheriff's Patrol Officer of the Quarter IMG

Pictured left to right: Mayor Woolsey, Master Deputy Dennis Carter, Sergeant Shawn James

Master Deputy Carter was named ISP's (Island Sheriff's Patrol) Officer of the Third Quarter (July-September). Congratulations to Master Deputy Carter for over 20 years of service with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office and for the outstanding law enforcement work he does for the Island Sheriff's Patrol in the Town of James Island!


This week's meetings include Board of Zoning Appeals on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 7:00pm.
Click here for agenda:

Neighborhood Council will be on Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 7:00pm. Click here for agenda:  http://www.jamesislandsc.us/James_Island_Neighborhood_Council_Agenda_102314.pdf


October 19, JIPSD Election November 4th

JIPSD Election on November 4
     The election for the James Island Public Service District Commission is on Tuesday, November 4.

      Four of the seven seats are up for election, so each voter can choose up to four candidates.

      The JIPSD collects nearly half of the typical home owner's property tax.  They are responsible for providing fire protection and solid waste collection in the Town.   The JIPSD also provides sewer services and sets sewer fees in the Town.

      Town Council has no control over these taxes, fees or services.   The JIPSD Commissioners make these decisions.

      It is very important for all Town voters to make a wise selection on the JIPSD portion of the ballot.

    Several candidates have withdrawn.  Here are the eleven candidates now running who will be on the ballot:

1.Inez Brown Crouch
2. Hal Hanvey
3.Lyndy Palmer
4. Mary Beth Berry
5. Marilyn Clifford
6 .Bill "Cubby" Wilder
7. Ernie Duncan
8. Robert Schurmeier
9. Donald Hollingsworth
10. Sandi Engelman
11. Kay Kernodle.
     There will be a candidates' forum at James Island Charter High School on Wednesday, October 29th at 7:00 PM.  Please come.   For more information call 795-4141.
. October 19, Town Council Meeting Highlights .                    
      Town Council Meeting Highlights
     James Island Town Council met Thursday, October 16th.
     Council approved purchasing land for a park at 461 Fort Johnson Road.   The Town will complete an application for greenbelt funds for the purchase.   The application will be reviewed by the Greenbelt board, then go to the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission for a recommendation and then to County Council.
      Council approved a contract to fix erosion damage to Sweetgrass Creek Drive. for $47,000.
      Council approved $700 for a landscape plan for the corner of Dills Bluff and Camp.
      Town Council approved $500 from the Tree fund for a project by James Island Pride to plant trees on Arbor Day.
       Council voted to request that SCDOT allow the Town to place speed humps on Willowlake Drive.   This residential street is maintained by the state, and so SCDOT must give permission.   The Town measured the speeds on the street.   The speed limit is 25 mph and the average speed is a bit over 20 mph.   The 15th percentile speed is a bit over 25.   That means that 15% of the cars were going over the speed limit.    The Town's policy allows for speed humps if the average speed is over the speed limit or the 15th percentile is 5 mph over the speed limit.  SCDOT is more restrictive, requiring that the 15th percentile speed be 7 mph over the limit.   That would be 32 mph.   If SCDOT approves the request, the Town would pay to install the speed humps, approximately $4,500.   
      Town Council approved $6,500 as a match to Charleston County and the City of Charleston to secure right-of-way for a stoplight at Grimball Rd. and Folly.   The effort to signalize that intersection has been a joint effort of James Island elected officials from the state, the county, and both the Town of James Island and the City of Charleston.   It has been approved by SCDOT, which will pay most of the cost.   County Councilwoman Anna Johnson reported at our last intergovernmental meeting that a crosswalk would be included per her request.   Councilman Milliken said that the Town should get something in exchange for our contribution of money and said we should request the crosswalk.  I agreed to write a letter regarding a crosswalk.   After we find out about the current status, I will write a letter either requesting a crosswalk or else supporting the decision to add one.
       Council approved procedures for appointment of members to James Island Business Development Committee.
       Council approved the Charleston County Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan.   Our Building Inspector has participated in intergovernmental meetings to review the plan.
      Council approved a resolution supporting the City of Charleston's request to SCDOT to look at the corner of Secessionville Road and Fort  Johnson Road for safety improvements--such as a stoplight.  This intersection is under City of Charleston jurisdiction.
      Council approved a second and final reading of the budget amendment.   This will fund the expansion of the Island Sheriff's Patrol that began last summer, a joint project with Habitat Humanity for home repairs, a partial match for renovation of the baseball field at James Island Charter High School, and funds for grounds maintenance.   The budget amendment was made possible because of a better estimate of revenue which showed an significant increase.
      Town Council approved first reading of an amendment to our tree ordinance such that invasive and alien tree species are not protected.

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