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Town Administrator

Contact: Niki Grimball, Town Administrator


Phone: (843) 795-4141

The Town Administrator is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the Town. Reporting directly to the Mayor, the Town Administrator supervises all departments and manages all functions of the Town. The Administrator is the Town's Personnel Director and sets forth personnel policies, and is charged with executing policies and procedures set forth by Town Council. Responsibilities also include advising the Mayor and Council on issues affecting the Town's business, and reporting to them the activities of all departments.

Budgeting is a top priority for the Town Administrator. It is this position's role to develop a sound and fiscally responsible budget each year and present it to the Mayor and Council for adoption. Monitoring the annual budget throughout the year is a key factor in maintaining the Town's finances, and adjusting the budget through amendments presented for Council approval is a way in which this is accomplished. The Administrator also oversees the auditing process of the Town's finances and reports accordingly.

One of the most important roles of the Town Administrator is upholding positive public relations between the Town and its citizens, other government entities, various boards and commissions, and community organizations. Engaging the public and sharing information is essential, as is representing the Town responsibly in all matters. The Town Administrator often engages in Special Projects for the Town to help the organization move forward.