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Dock Street Park

Dock Street ParkDock Street Park is located at the end of Patterson Ave in the Bay Front Neighborhood. This small but picturesque spot boasts mature live oaks trees, a picnic area, a small play area and a fishing dock overlooking the Charleston Harbor.

While no documentation exists, it is believed the park may be located approximately where the first town dock for James Towne, the original settlement on the island, was centered. James Towne was the 2nd colonial establishment in the Charleston area following the settlement at Charles Towne Landing, and there are historical mentions of the James Towne settlement being in this general vicinity of James Island Creek. It stands to reason Patterson Ave. was once known as Dock Street, leading to the settlement's Town dock which would have been the hub of activity.

Later in the 18th Century, the area of Bay Front was owned by John Douglas, a pastor at the James Island Presbyterian Church, which is still an active congregation today. While some referred to it as a plantation, it was actually a modest home with surrounding farmland. The area became subdivided in the 1950's and developed into the residential community that exist today.

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