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Code Enforcement

Contact: James Hackett, Code Enforcement Officer


Phone: (843) 795.4141

James Hackett is the Code Enforcement Officer for the Town of James Island. The Code Enforcement Officer is the arm of the Town's Municipal Government that ensures the ordinances of the Town are enforced by residents, property owners, and business owners. Code Enforcement is applied in the areas of Planning and Zoning, Livability, health / safety issues, and the enforcement of business licenses. All cases handled are considered criminal violations and is subject to appearance in Charleston County Magistrate's Court if the violation is not abated within the time or to the degree set forth in the Ordinance. When appropriate, the Code Enforcement Officer works in conjunction with the department to orchestrate an abatement plan to avoid a court hearing, or summons to result in a successful conclusion. This option may be offered on a case by case basis.

The duty of the Code Enforcement Officer is to help those to meet abatement of their violation(s) and to come into compliance. This position requires a broad knowledge of the Town's Ordinances, and the ability to discern civil and criminal issues.

Code of Ordinances