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Brantley Park

The Town of James Island and the City of Charleston have been working together on a new Park on Folly Road. "Brantley Park" will be on a .46 acre parcel at the corner of Folly and Brantley Drive. It includes majestic grand oak trees, a dock at the end of a small creek and beautiful marsh views towards Ellis Creek. The Town and City propose to share the cost of purchasing the site equally, each using a portion of their Greenbelt allocations. This commercially-zoned property was slated for sale, so this plan will protect the area from the many intensive commercial uses possible. The appraised value of the property is $466,000, so each municipality would contribute approximately $233,000. The Town has proposed that it manage the Park and fund possible improvements, which would come through additional public input sessions.

Below are pictures of the site located at 1708 Brantley Drive.

Brantley Park 1

Brantley Park dock