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Public Works

Keith LaDeaux

Contact:  Keith LaDeaux


Phone: (843) 795-4141

The Public Works Department is charged with maintaining roads, Stormwater drainage systems and traffic control/way-finding signage in the Town. The Public Works Department maintains the public rights of way and easements, the Town's Park and recreation facilities and Town facilities. Working with Charleston County, the City of Charleston and the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT), the Town of James Island Public Works Department manages and supports the transportation and drainage of the Town.

The Town works to improve its infrastructure to ensure paving projects are undertaken where needed, and based on citizen request works to pave or improve earth roads. Stormwater drainage on James Island is managed by Charleston County. The Town hosts monthly meetings at Town Hall of the James Island Stormwater Management Committee. Here all entities charged with Stormwater and drainage issues on James Island can meet and discuss cooperative efforts to alleviate concerns.

Improving and expanding the Town's program for pedestrian activity, including sidewalks, bike paths and/or walking trails is a top priority for James Island. The Town works with Charleston County, The City of Charleston, and the Department of Transportation to facilitate projects and works to provide matching funding when possible. Also, the Town monitors traffic on roads within its jurisdiction to address concerns by the residents. The Town strives to alleviate concerns through a variety of traffic control methods. Please see our Traffic Calming Policy here.

The Town of James Island Public Works Department also manages street lights within the Town's jurisdiction. If a resident has a concern about needing more street lighting, please contact the Town or fill out a work order request here.