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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery are top priorities for the Town of James Island. We must be prepared for any disaster and know that our residents will receive the most up-to-date information when an event occurs. Making sure residents have access to the necessities when a disaster strikes is important and ensuring timely evacuation off the island if necessary and a safe return is also key.

Please see the current Town Staff Contact list.

It is vital that every resident sign up for the Charleston County Citizen Alert Notification System powered by EVERBRIDGE. This system allows you to be alerted any of the following ways: home phone, mobile phone, text message, email or by fax. Mass notification keeps everyone informed before, during and after any emergency event. Citizen Alert Notification Sign Up.

During an emergency, information specific to James Island will be shared on this website, the Town News email distribution list, and on the Town Facebook and Twitter accounts. Sign up for our email distribution list by emailing

James Island is in Evacuation ZONE A. [MAP] After an evacuation order is given, everyone on James Island must take SC 171 (Folly Road) to US 17 (Savannah Highway) . Evacuees will then travel south on US 17 to I-526 to the reversed lanes of I-26. One benefit to early evacuation (leaving before the evacuation order,) is that you may choose your own route.

Click HERE to download a copy of the South Carolina 2019 Hurricane Guide. Also, check out the Charleston County Hurricane Preparedness Guide for more localized information. Also for more info on list of shelter information and shelter route pick-up point schedules, click HERE. The pre-determined shelter pick-up points for James Island are as follows:

James Island

CC-301: Bus stop at Folly Road and Maybank Hwy.

CC-302: Bus stop at Folly Road and Ellis Oak Avenue.

CC-303: Bus stop at Riverland Drive and Lucky Road.

CC-304: Bus stop at Camp Road and Folly Road.

CC-305: Bus stop at Folly Road and Wilton Street.

CC-306: Camp Center – 1238 Camp Road.

CC-307: James Island High School – 1000 Ft. Johnson Road.

CC-308: Hideaway Pizza Kitchen – 608 Harbor View Road & Clearview Drive.

CC-309: Harris Teeter – 1005 Harbor View Road (at Harbor Place Drive)

CC-310: Bus stop at Folly Road and Westway Drive.

CC-311: Harris Teeter – 1985 Folly Road and Sol Legere Road.

CC-312: Bus stop at Old Military Road and Lamar Road.

CC-313: Bus stop at Ft. Johnson Road and Secessionville Road.

CC-314: Bus stop at Riverland Drive and Stonewood Drive.

CC-315: Bus stop at Wappoo Drive and Plymouth Avenue. Folly Beach

CC-316: Folly Boat Landing – Folly Road at ICW – 97

The Charleston County Emergency Management Department developed and maintains an Emergency Operations Plan and Re-Entry Plan for the entire County. Please visit their website at for more information and links to these documents.

In case of an event, here are some important numbers or websites you need to know.

Downed Trees: Call 911

Downed Power lines: SCE&G - 1-888-333-4465

Gas Leaks: SCE&G - 1-800-815-0083

Non-emergency Public Safety concerns: Consolidated Dispatch - 843-743-7200

Here are other important links with helpful information before, during and after an event:

South Carolina Emergency Management Division

FEMA website for Citizen Preparedness


FEMA Emergency Management Institute IS Classes

National Weather Service Charleston Office

Pet Friendly Hotels