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Dills Bluff Road Sidewalk Phase IV

Dills Bluff Phase IV is the final segment of continual sidewalk extending along the full length of Dills Bluff Road beginning at the intersection of Fort Johnson Road.  This final portion extends along Dills Bluff Road from the intersections of Condon Drive/ Winborn Drive to Fort Sumter Drive, completing a network of sidewalk allowing safe passage for the entire length of Dills Bluff Road and connects to Harbor View Road and Fort Johnson Road, all of which are major thoroughfares in the community.  This area is almost completely residential, with connections to commercial core areas within the community on Camp Road, Fort Johnson Road and Harbor View Road.  Project engineers are JLA.

The Town has submitted an application for TST funding for this project.  The links below provide information about this project:

Dills Bluff IV Sidewalk Overview